8 Mega Pixel TVI Cameras
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When it just has to work  
reliably, everyday, for every  
employee, choose the system  
that is proven and tested. DSX  
Access Control systems since  
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The TVI video format is an excellent choice  
for any camera system replacement. TVI  
allows for the re-use of existing CCTV  
cabling. Whether the current wiring is RG59  
coax, RG6 coax, cat5, or cat6 TVI will  
transmit an ultra clear picture. If your CCTV  
system is 3 or more years old, you should  
consider an upgrade to TVI a system.
The 5 in 1 DVR is a great choice for  
system upgrades. With a 5 in 1  
you can keep your existing analog  
cameras or replace them with HD  
cameras as needed. Perfect for a  
small budget. Upgrade a few of  
your most important cameras like  
your lobby or mail boxes and keep  
your existing cameras in less  
important areas like stairwells. 
5 in 1 Recorder V4.0
As with most DVR's made today the unit can be accessed worldwide from the  
internet on a PC, MAC, laptop, tablet, IPhone or Android phone.  The DVR will  
match the output of each camera type and record in the best possible resolution  
and quality.  
The user interface can be operated with just a mouse. Video can be copied from  
the recorder to a PC, MAC, or Laptop and used for evidence.  

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